M is for Moon

Considering the Effect of Celestial Bodies

The effects of celestial bodies are so subtle that we often don’t realize them in our daily lives, and yet they are there. If you live on or near a coast, you are probably more aware of them because of the daily ebb and flow of the tides, which are caused by the pull of the moon’s gravity on the earth.

Many people swear that things get crazy around the full moon, especially those working in the medical field. Gardeners and farmers know that both the lunar and solar cycles have an effect on growing plants. If the moon and sun can play that large of a role with mundane life in our (sort of?) non-magical real world, then what kind of effect might they have in a magical world?

If your magic system is elemental or based in nature, then you will need to work the effects of the moon, sun, and stars into your planning. Everything that is a part of nature or the elements will influence how that magic works.

Worldbuilding Exercises:

  • Does performing magic in certain lunar or solar phases affect how the magic turns out?
  • What types of magic might be amplified or dampened in certain cycles?
  • What types of magic can only be performed during certain solar/lunar cycle phases? What are the conditions that must be met?

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