Worldbuilding NaNo Prep Course

The Worldbuilding NaNo Prep Course had its first run in 2018, and it was such a hit it comes back each year!

While the first year it was run over email, since 2019 the course has been available online via CourseCraft. The course is based off The A-Zs of Worldbuilding: Building a Fictional World From Scratch, and follows the same topics. Think of it as a condensed version of the book to help you whip your world into shape just in time to participate in National Novel Writing Month in November!

The Worldbuilding NaNo Prep Course is (and always will be) FREE. Lessons begin on September 1st, with 3 lessons becoming available each week. The final lesson goes out on October 29th, so that you have a little bit of time to finish it before plunging headlong into NaNoWriMo!

Enrollment for the course will open in August, but you can sign up for notifications in the meantime!